Our Goals


The Youth Division of Hapoel Galil Elyon is an important annual source of players for Israeli teams. In the last decade, the youth team has won two national championships and two high school championships. The team is considered the best environment in Israel for developing young basketball players.

With 600 players ages 8-18, our Under 18 program is one of the leading programs in Israel and a main part of the team's bright future

Leading Israeli trainers with outstanding professional reputations direct their efforts in advancing the talents of young players in the Youth Division.

Professional Goals

  • Developing defense and attack game abilities; and advancing physical and cognitive skills for each player in the college
  • Developing group abilities and game understanding while promoting communication, and fostering the ability of the players to read and interpret situations
  • Developing mental abilities: taking responsibility, functioning under pressure and dealing with success and failure
  • Education for hard work, organization and self-discipline
  • Education for excellence and for the aspiration to win at every competition
  • Education for respect, tolerance, patience, and helping one's fellow man/woman
  • Contribution to the community. Come to learn basketball from the best staff and under the best conditions

A professional community based Team
Making a better Galil