Our Goals

Who we are

  • The team plays in the Israeli second league
  • We represent Galil Elion regional council Kibbutz's, kiryat Shmona and all of the Galil Mountains and Ramat Hagolan population
  • The team is managed by local buisness and sports professionals
  • The team roster is based on home grown players and coaching staff
  • The team's community outreach program is a major part in its yearly activity
  • The team's game are one of the major weekly sports and cultural events in the Upper Galil

Professional Goals

  • The team see's the Israeli second league as the most appropriate place for its young Israeli players to develop before reaching the highest basjetball levels locally and in the world
  • The team strives to finish in the highest place in its league
  • The team will play in the Israeli second league in the next five years even if winning a championship, based on the understanding the currently this is the appropriate place to achieve its main goal of a profession- community team
  • The team roster is the best we can built based on the allocated resources and our goals
  • The team plays in the best possible professional environment in order to maximize its capabilities and to serve as a growing platform for young local Israeli players

A professional community based Team
Making a better Galil